NSC-Reconstruct major goals

The overall goal of the NSC-Reconstruct project is to develop new regenerative approaches to combat brain damage caused by neurodegeneration or injury using new innovative technologies for the development of next generation cell-based therapies for neuronal replacement and circuitry repair, with four goals :
1. The development of cellular products, cell reprogramming methods and research tools with broad potential for repairing the brain using innovative technologies;
2. The development of new strategies for cell-based repair in order to advance the field of cell-based replacement therapies for the treatment of major neurodegenerative and traumatic diseases;
3. To achieve integration and functional reconstruction of complex circuits using transplants of different types of stem cell-derived neurons;
4. To promote the translation and commercialization of new cell and gene products, research tools and therapies for clinical trials and market approval.
NSC-Reconstruct aims at generating high-quality brain repair strategies. This will be achieved by using cutting edge technologies to gain a better understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling brain development and repair; and by use such knowledge to engineer new and more efficient cell therapies capable of modifying the disease process.