New publication on stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Several NSC-Reconstruct partners are behind a new stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease (STEM-PD) and offer a closer look at the testing needed to bring stem cell therapies to the clinic with a new data-packed article in Cell Stem Cell.
The Stem Cell Center of the University of Lund provides insight in the related research - also for non-expert audiences - on their website.

The original publication can be found here:
Kirkeby, A., Nelander, J., Hoban, D. B., Rogelius, N., Bjartmarz, H., Novo Nordisk Cell Therapy R&D, Storm, P., Fiorenzano, A., Adler, A. F., Vale, S., Mudannayake, J., Zhang, Y., Cardoso, T., Mattsson, B., Landau, A. M., Glud, A. N., Sørensen, J. C., Lillethorup, T. P., Lowdell, M., Carvalho, C., Bain O., van Vliet T., Lindvall O., Björklund A., Harry B., Cutting E., Widner H., Paul G., Barker R. A., Parmar, M. (2023).
Preclinical quality, safety, and efficacy of a human embryonic stem cell-derived product for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, STEM-PD
Cell stem cell, 30(10), 1299–1314.e9.